About Us

The Code Rig

Young children who code. Coding is a silent language of the mind. As our children grow, their brain evolves. They crave independence in making decisions. They voice out opinions and develop a sense of curiosity. At The Code Rig, we stand in the gap between the child and their minds to help them develop these new found traits while indirectly building a strong foundation of self-confidence and accomplishment.

Incorporating education into coding is something we stand firm on. Step by step guide, hands on involvement, building projects and doing presentations are what the children are exposed to. We personally guide children to explore their creativity and at the same time advance academically through the amazing world of coding.

Company Detail


Our founders are a team of expertise from both the technical and the academic world. Jennifer Kirubai is a former Math lecturer. Having a degree and masters in Mathematics, Jennifer’s strong academic background provided vital guidance in providing academic based advise and consultation in developing our education oriented modules. Being a mother of 3 and having her children studying in an International School with Cambridge syllabus, Jennifer could relate very much to the kids academic development and syllabus which played a vital role in developing all of our modules.

Ivan Duraisingh is an Engineer by profession. Ivan has vast experience in the field of Controls & Automation. Having worked in various industries and dealt with all different types of programmings and controllers, Ivan played the role in providing technical consultancy to The Code Rig. Ivan has also completed the course on Teaching Programming in Primary Schools and Teaching Physical Computing With Raspberry Pi and Phyton both done with the Raspberry Pi foundation.

Together, both our founders are committed in developing a young generation to excel academically whilst learning coding skills which would enable them to be one step ahead in the vast technology driven world.

“Learning to write programs stretches your mind, and helps you think better, creates a way of thinking about things that I think is helpful in all domains.”

Bill Gates
Mission Statement:

To prepare the current generation for a successful future in the upcoming digital world that would further enhance their career.

Vision Statement:

A creative and analytical generation that is fully equipped with coding skills.