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Syllabus Overview

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At The Code Rig

At Young Coders, we have divided our modules into 4 terms. Each term consists of 10 weeks of classes. Our term starts in January and ends in November.


Course Overview

Our programme is divided into age groups called level. We have 2 different modules; Module 1 covers the Educational Coding, Young Engineers and Robotic Wizards whereas Module 2 emphasizes only on Young Engineers and Robotic Wizards. Module 1 covers 2 topics on Educational Coding which is Coding with Math and Coding with Science, one topic on Young Engineers and 1 topic on Robotic Wizards. Module 2 however, covers 2 topics on Young Engineers and 2 topics on Robotic Wizards.

The course progresses monthly and the level of complexity and difficulty varies through the age.


Educational Coding

The Educational Coding module is divided into 2 parts; Coding with Math and Coding with Science. Children will be taught to code concepts, experiments and questions through coding. The concepts taught will be the same as the concepts learnt at school. Through this module, children will be able to understand the concepts better and apply them in everyday living.


Young Engineers

For the Young Engineers module, children will be introduced to simple electronics with coding using LED lights, raspberry pi controllers and buzzers. The level of difficulty varies according to their ages.


Robotic Wizards

For the Robotic Wizards module, children will be handling GoPiGo robots. GoPiGo is a robotic tool that enables children to bring their code to live. Children will be programming the robot with sensors, camera and other interactive technology in a more hands-on-method.

Example of lesson at The Code Rig
This is an actual lesson for Year 1, Week 2, Educational Coding Science module.

Science topic: Plants
Lesson Objective: Plants need water and sunlight to grow.
Based on the given topic and lesson objective, children will be taught to code a programme where, when the water and the sunlight images are clicked, the plant expands.

This is the coding that will be done by children to understand the concept that plants need water and sunlight to grow.

Package Available

Coding with Math, Science, Electronics and Robotics Coding with Electronics and Robotics
Weekends Weekends
RM300 per month RM300 per month
Per session is 2 hour Per session is 2 hour

Class Timing

Time Age Group
10am to 12pm Module 2: 6-9 years
12pm to 2pm Module 2: 10-13 years
2pm to 4pm Module 1: 6-8 years
4pm to 6pm Module 1: 9-11 years
6pm to 8pm Module 1: 12-14 years
Time Age Group
2pm to 4pm Module 1 & 2: 6-9 years
4pm to 6pm Module 1 & 2: 14 and above

Note: classes are available during weekdays upon request